Friday, March 28, 2008

Cope at the Independent

I Ended up in S.F. a day early and saw Citizen Cope.  Forgot my wallet, but looked old enough to get in the show.  Anyhow as Cope has such a strong set of tunes it was great times for all there.
It was hard to watch Cope at times only as there was a lady who danced in front of me that had such a bad sense of rhythm that it was shocking.  At first I thought the lady just was joking, then I assumed she might be mentally challenged.  WRONG.  Wow I wish the Iphone had video...
Cope does get a little bummed that people never seem to know when he wants them to take over for him and sing a line, but it seems to happen a lot so I guess he is getting used to it.

Cope has that good rock star look and enough presence to keep people interested while he just stands and lightly plays his guitar.

By going to the show I was able to get to a new venue that  have yet to experience.  The Independent is a nice small venue that has a " private " upstairs area that allows you to not feel like a sardine on the floor.  Good for people who are midgets like me.  Tonight is the Bob show and it should be a very good time....

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