Sunday, July 20, 2014

Redwood Carriage Doors

My 1907 farmhouse, has a carriage house where the original doors were removed and an aluminum garage door put in their place- it doesn't even close all the way as the door is too tall...anyhow I found a few doors from a 1917 house that was under remodel, dry rot, old paint and the doors were coming apart likely from hide glue failure over time. 

Tear down began and disassembly went well.
The railes and stiles are Douglas fir, the center t & g redwood. 
One of the stiles where bolts went through, cut out damage a plugged with fir.
The door after glue up, the second door is now disassembled and ready for stripping, and reassembly.
Doors will not be painted when placed on the carriage house.
Above photo from the west side, that's as far as the door closes...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Former aviation workbench

My father had an old industrial workbench he bought from North American aviation salvage  in the 60's
It was ugly and green, heavy with drawers made from plywood.
I started disassembling the table then shelved the project. A friend who is a master woodworker, seemingly all phases, was between jobs and hungry to do some magic. 
Dale planned, cut and sistered in pieces of fir where damage had set in. 
It's now my kitchen table in my 1907 farmhouse. 
I missed not getting to do more work on the table, but I've a stack of projects that had priority. Like someone not thinking I never took abefore picture...
Thanks Dale. 

After buying the farmhouse I now have a large shop - note the inca 710, and two inca jointers to the right. My crescent jointer -16" runs on three phase and I have three phase hard wired in the shop already.  It cuts like butter.

Inside the main house table ready to be set.