Friday, March 28, 2008

Cope at the Independent

I Ended up in S.F. a day early and saw Citizen Cope.  Forgot my wallet, but looked old enough to get in the show.  Anyhow as Cope has such a strong set of tunes it was great times for all there.
It was hard to watch Cope at times only as there was a lady who danced in front of me that had such a bad sense of rhythm that it was shocking.  At first I thought the lady just was joking, then I assumed she might be mentally challenged.  WRONG.  Wow I wish the Iphone had video...
Cope does get a little bummed that people never seem to know when he wants them to take over for him and sing a line, but it seems to happen a lot so I guess he is getting used to it.

Cope has that good rock star look and enough presence to keep people interested while he just stands and lightly plays his guitar.

By going to the show I was able to get to a new venue that  have yet to experience.  The Independent is a nice small venue that has a " private " upstairs area that allows you to not feel like a sardine on the floor.  Good for people who are midgets like me.  Tonight is the Bob show and it should be a very good time....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Whew.....BOB to the rescue!

Just spent a HUGE amount of time discussing the U.S. economy, gold, Mexico and the surf, derivatives, and just what the F is going on worldwide and what we should brace ourselves for.........

On a better note we also talked about Bob Schneider.   Genius, who just wants everyone to have a good time.  So go buy some Bob and stimulate the economy!!!.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

INCA 510 Jointer/Planer

I have just become a member of the INCA family.  I've been looking for an INCA for a while and after missing a few and after arranging to pick one up nearly a 1000 miles away, one popped up pretty close to home.  I spent a bit of time in the evening getting to know this new machine.  Although now I have effectively 3 planers, I'll most likely sell one soon and only use the INCA as a jointer.  I left a dollar just to show how small these units are.  
The 510 has a 10" jointer blade.  HUGE compared to the size if the machine.  The INCA is all aluminum and although parts are very scarce you can get some at eagle tools.  Also there is an INCA site in France, Inca machines.  Not much information, but it seems they might be making the 510 again which true model number is 343.190 and they have a manual to download.
There is a German company ( I think) that has parts BUT will not ship to the US.  Dobeli Holz 
The great thing about these tools is the serious craftsmanship.  I, for a long time now, have given up on owning junk.  I have nice japanese chisels, saws, custom guitars, amplifiers, and the list goes on.  This tool, like all great things BEGS, you to use it.  I also found a helpful INCA book as well on Amazon
When I finally have my barn completed, I'll have a nice small area for a shop.  No doubt this tool will be a centerpiece.  Now I'll have to get a table saw and band saw.......I'll keep you posted.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Farmall cub

Spent Sunday with my father working on a tractor.  A 1954 Farmall cub with a loader.  The day started with my father and I and finished with my brother and I installing a sickle mower unit.
After putting an Ebay found PTO on the Farmall, the attempt was made to add a sickle mower. Now since I am not very good at the mechanical things I get heckled a lot from my father while I am working.  Anyhow,  the PTO went in fine ( it leaks though now), and the sickle seemed to go on all right.  However after giving the tractor a go, and seeing the sickle work ( Christ is this thing dangerous) we found that there are some points where the tractor pully is rubbing.  After many attempts at reworking the sickle we put the tractor to bed to try again next weekend.
Photo is for reference, mine is a bit more weathered.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Day two vegas and Im thinking wood shop.

Day two in Vegas.  I have have a delay and have some time so I am at the Hida tool site looking at hand planes to buy.
I do have a couple already, but need a scraper plane.  I have scoured the daikudojo site for information too.  It is a pretty nice resource for all the japanese tools and such.  I found a nice link to a museum in japan for hand tools.  Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum has some nice photos and a bit of history, although I suppose one needs a better knowledge of the Japanese language to really get the most from the site.
I bought a few items from Hida weeks ago and am happy with what I have received and they go WAY above in the quality of shipping.  It is nice to have that for sure.  

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Now I am in Vegas.

I'm in Las Vegas NV.  I decided with my uncle to come to a conference at the last moment, making the plane reservation by noon yesterday.  It is 70 degrees, just about what I left in Sacramento today.  I am happy with the room at the Hilton as I sit on the 26th floor.  This is the view just to the left in the photo, but the view to the east is just homes until you reach the mountains to the east.   Wide open for miles.  I've never been at this height in a hotel before.  
It has been more than 15 years since I last stood on the strip.  Although I am not a gambler, I do like to get away.  And with a couch in front of a big LCD, I will get some nice relaxation in before I get to the convention tomorrow.
Now I have to go get my package from the front desk and get some grub.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

whole lotta sorting

I have been back to the barn pile that I have gone through over the last months.  I finally found the ground in the middle of the pile.  There were two doors stacked upon another.  Too bad I have gotten here so late as much of the wood has rotted or warped excessively due to the weight of the barn itself.  While there are hinges on the doors I found too a rolling door roller bracket, which is actually very similar to the one I have on my own barn.  There is still much to get through with the hope that there is still some good wood left.  I hope to get 1/2" of thickness out of some of the 1" siding, but since there is twisting checking and rot, ill see what I can maximize.  Although I would rather keep the siding at its current width, it is rather impossible so I may even cut it in much smaller widths, trying for a minimum 4".  I would likely use this wood for my new porch, and flooring.  
Take a look at the pile in the photo......a big mess.