Sunday, March 2, 2008

whole lotta sorting

I have been back to the barn pile that I have gone through over the last months.  I finally found the ground in the middle of the pile.  There were two doors stacked upon another.  Too bad I have gotten here so late as much of the wood has rotted or warped excessively due to the weight of the barn itself.  While there are hinges on the doors I found too a rolling door roller bracket, which is actually very similar to the one I have on my own barn.  There is still much to get through with the hope that there is still some good wood left.  I hope to get 1/2" of thickness out of some of the 1" siding, but since there is twisting checking and rot, ill see what I can maximize.  Although I would rather keep the siding at its current width, it is rather impossible so I may even cut it in much smaller widths, trying for a minimum 4".  I would likely use this wood for my new porch, and flooring.  
Take a look at the pile in the photo......a big mess.

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