Monday, March 17, 2008

Farmall cub

Spent Sunday with my father working on a tractor.  A 1954 Farmall cub with a loader.  The day started with my father and I and finished with my brother and I installing a sickle mower unit.
After putting an Ebay found PTO on the Farmall, the attempt was made to add a sickle mower. Now since I am not very good at the mechanical things I get heckled a lot from my father while I am working.  Anyhow,  the PTO went in fine ( it leaks though now), and the sickle seemed to go on all right.  However after giving the tractor a go, and seeing the sickle work ( Christ is this thing dangerous) we found that there are some points where the tractor pully is rubbing.  After many attempts at reworking the sickle we put the tractor to bed to try again next weekend.
Photo is for reference, mine is a bit more weathered.

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