Tuesday, March 18, 2008

INCA 510 Jointer/Planer

I have just become a member of the INCA family.  I've been looking for an INCA for a while and after missing a few and after arranging to pick one up nearly a 1000 miles away, one popped up pretty close to home.  I spent a bit of time in the evening getting to know this new machine.  Although now I have effectively 3 planers, I'll most likely sell one soon and only use the INCA as a jointer.  I left a dollar just to show how small these units are.  
The 510 has a 10" jointer blade.  HUGE compared to the size if the machine.  The INCA is all aluminum and although parts are very scarce you can get some at eagle tools.  Also there is an INCA site in France, Inca machines.  Not much information, but it seems they might be making the 510 again which true model number is 343.190 and they have a manual to download.
There is a German company ( I think) that has parts BUT will not ship to the US.  Dobeli Holz 
The great thing about these tools is the serious craftsmanship.  I, for a long time now, have given up on owning junk.  I have nice japanese chisels, saws, custom guitars, amplifiers, and the list goes on.  This tool, like all great things BEGS, you to use it.  I also found a helpful INCA book as well on Amazon
When I finally have my barn completed, I'll have a nice small area for a shop.  No doubt this tool will be a centerpiece.  Now I'll have to get a table saw and band saw.......I'll keep you posted.

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