Thursday, April 17, 2008

getting back

I've been away for a bit.  Making a fence and fixing tractors and just not being around to get enough done.  I 'll be home for the next few weeks then it is Operation time.....Hopefully the knee will be better after and I can get back to riding my bike again.  Lately I put new blades in my Planer, milled a bunch of redwood and have just about gotten my plans for a new porch railing as well as gate and fence, done. 
The porch will have a slight Japanese theme ( although it will work with the Craftsman style O.K) with a sage kama joint holding the porch rails together.
The picture at right is a David Fay work, but this is the similar joint.  Check out David's work it is great stuff.
I have ti finish a bench that has been on the back burner while I have not been home.  It too will use a similar joint to hold a cross beam out of redwood to the legs which are from the same piece as the top.

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