Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Now I am in Vegas.

I'm in Las Vegas NV.  I decided with my uncle to come to a conference at the last moment, making the plane reservation by noon yesterday.  It is 70 degrees, just about what I left in Sacramento today.  I am happy with the room at the Hilton as I sit on the 26th floor.  This is the view just to the left in the photo, but the view to the east is just homes until you reach the mountains to the east.   Wide open for miles.  I've never been at this height in a hotel before.  
It has been more than 15 years since I last stood on the strip.  Although I am not a gambler, I do like to get away.  And with a couch in front of a big LCD, I will get some nice relaxation in before I get to the convention tomorrow.
Now I have to go get my package from the front desk and get some grub.


Anonymous said...

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Loopa said...

Welcome yourself, Amigo!