Friday, November 2, 2007

The green room

The green room is getting its finishing touches on its trim now. I'll pull the doors off and look to the kitchen for the next project.

I used a simple stain on the red fir trim in the green room that with all the bumps and bruises it gave me that good old weathered look i was aiming for. Their had been cracks and scrapes and nicks and nail head holes. Some I attempted to cover others not. In the end though it worked out. I learned that SOYGEL is pretty cool, but pricey and bought another gallon to work in the kitchen with. I hope to have a more refined kitchen look-cleaner I guess. I plan to rip out a window adding a door in its place. I am unsure if I want to use american plaster ( I think thats what it is called) to soften the look of the walls. I will be using concrete for the counters and this winter I'll see how that goes. Any how thats it for now its been a while ( i forgot I had this thing)


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