Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The never ending story.....1912 Sacramento Bungalow

Already many hours into the "green room" re-do, I am still going. The Energizer bunny I am not!
After first removing the Berber carpet and laying down a Hickory floor, I coould not wait to get all the paint removed from the trim.

First I scraped with a heat gun..........After getting sort of somewhere I ended up with a pile of all the trim on the kitchen table. I ignored the stack knowing that even looking at it for a period of time would make me annoyed that it takes so long to get the paint off.

I became inspired again last week and broke out the heat gun and sander. Many layers of paint and belts later I had barely made a dent. Some of this trim has over twenty layers........I guess intead of washing the trim the former owners just painted it witha a myriad of colors...

Next try....Citris based remover. Not bad, faster YES! But MESSSSSY. Ugh, I have piles of paint all over the porch. It has become very hot in Ca as of late and a sweaty messy job is not the best when you have to wear gloves that become caked with remover and paint and get slippery constantly.

Next try after an online search..... Soy based stripper.....

It does work much better though. You can with hot water ( hook up the hose to the laundry connections) squirt off the soy based stripper. It makes an easier clean up no doubt......i just did a door like this thought.

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