Sunday, November 4, 2007

SOY GEL the second coming.....

I ordered some new soy gel and have begun the fun again. At some point Ill have this all down. I've learned sometimes you cannot be so rough removing trim. And even when you try real hard you crack a piece only to find there were so many nails you could not see from all angles that is is a wonder you did not end with only splinters in your hand.

I love this stuff though. I love working outside with it ( I remove the trim from the wall, but others apply on the wall when it stands) even though it is non toxic and all that----NOTE if you get it on your skin though and only wipe it off you'll have these nice red marks that are really called chemical burns to the trained professional. Wear gloves.

I pulled screen door out of the barn. It had a great green milk paint like color on it. The side of my barn has this same look. I guess it went with the barn and maybe a little room that once lived off of it. But I have a few doors that have come out of the barn and who knows where they really came from.

I have the windows in the kitchen out getting Soygelled right now in the back. Working outside in CA rules!!! Especially since it is probably 70 degrees and it is November!

I'll get some pictures up here one of these days. Actual photos express the fact that although the house looks fine, it is not the future that I want and so to me the house looks very undone. Now that the green room just needs paint in some spots and a bit of electrical work I do feel so much better.

The heater stopped working though and although I am not freaking out yet, I will be. The heater definately was not in any budget real or imaginary.

I'm going back outside now.