Thursday, November 15, 2007


I seem to be closing in on the combination for removing paint off my windows and trim.
Soygel.....leave it on for at least a day, in the hotter weather cover with plastic so the gel does not dry. I bet if my house was only 50 this would be easy....,but boy do I have a lot of paint on this place.
Anyhow leave the gel on to work use a scraper to get the big stuff off then, hook your hose up to the hot water for your washer, and spray away. I then use the heat gun to get the smaller stuff off. i know most people want to avoid using heat guns, but at this point there is little to get off so it works great.

This stuff takes a ton of time. This would be great for the teenagers in your world. Unfortunately it is just me.

I also have come to the conclusion that as soon as you can get the glass out the better.

I am also changing a lot of the glass out with new glass. Not planned though I just cannot seem to stop breaking them. It usually happens when I nearly have the glaser points and most of the old putty removed....GRRRRRanimals.

i do love this work though. I need a shop though. Which makes me look at my barn and go argh!

On a good note- I today received my Japanese saws. Geeked I am about this whole japanese woodworker style.

I hope to get in a class in Oakland for the spring.
I hope I can make the time.

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