Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fence pogressing

Since we are always a bit behind on the gate project (we just assume since we have a year, but want to be ready if we are real slow...) we had a mid week meeting to try to work out some fence issues.

The small group of us mortised all of our remaining (for this span) sections of fence. I pared some 2x4 runners that their tenons will be placed into the 6x6 and 4x4 posts. These also will be what we will nail the cedar planks for the vertical fence boards against. I adjusted the majority of the tenons to fit easily into the mortises. These are not compression fit like most of our joints which makes it easy to do.

The photo at the left shows a 6x and some of the 2x4's I had been working on. Notice the handy little saw horses. These are only about 15" tall which allow me to sit with the beam between my legs and a foot resting on the stringer below. After using these at Laney I rough cut a set out at home and just have a few hours work to finish them.

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