Saturday, January 3, 2009

Went by Eagle Tools today

I went to Eagle Tools in LA today as I was in So. California and was close.  I checked on 510 jointer blades and they were out till spring. I think 10 weeks out was the quote.  I checked as there was a post on the inca groups on yahoo that talked about blades from a company in NY that were throwaways and an easy set and the ones that were at Eagle.  I asked about the 8" 410 jointer blades and they were coming in the spring as well.  They also do not have any saw blades pre drilled for the 20 mm arbor Inca 259 saw, but that can be done on a standard saw blade by a few companies if you ask I hear, I just thought I'd check.  

I actually did not need either, but thought it may be nice to have an extra sets around.  Anyhow I did need a couple of parts which they did have and I bought a few manuals just to have.
Eagle seems to have quite a new and used selection of INCA parts that are not really cheap, but all in all reasonable.  I actually expected to pay more, as I had been told that the prices were high.

I have seen though, that there are a few things that could be made if you have access to friends and the equipment to mill and I am having a few simple parts made since I have an aerospace company in the family and an access to aluminum plate and full service milling dept. As for parts and jigs of course you could use standard nuts and bolts instead of some of the actual knobs etc.  which will save some money, but it also is nice to have original parts. Although I did not have my parts wish list, and I forgot some of what I wanted to inquire about I did buy a few items. 

I bought an in-feed knob adjuster that originally was plastic, but Eagle is making them out of aluminum, a knob for the cover on the bandsaw, and the protective guard that goes over the blade on the jointer suva guard. 

It seems that the best way to get the parts from Eagle is to use the specific manual and reference the part numbers ( obvious I know) which you could email or call in.  While many people talk about Jesse as the one to talk to at Eagle, I was helped by another gentleman who knew his way around the Inca world pretty well so I'd bet holding out really may not be needed.  

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