Sunday, January 11, 2009

Slabs of redwood siding

Today I removed the last pieces of siding from my barn.  It is crazy seeing 17 1/2" wide 18' long boards, but I have them. Most of them are 12" wide, some various sizes, but many long.  Still being able to see the saw blade curvature in the face and edge of the boards, it seems that the saw blade size was over 5 feet in diameter.  Sad as I am to see the structure coming down I now have a lot of 1" siding.   The skeleton is all old growth doug fir so now I have more 2x6 than I know what to do with.  And to see 1x4's that are over 24 feet long is pretty amazing as well.  Anyhow all the 1x is fire wood now as I cut most of it up due to the hundreds of nails per board.

Ill have some 8x8's that will become part of my porch and gate that Ill built once my knee completely heals from May's surgery.  I have had some help on the barn demo which helped and 100 year old lumber is pretty light - even the fir. Too bad I had to tear the barn down as I now have all my Inca tools in the front room waiting for a new home that I'll have to build.  At least I have the lumber to make something nice.

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Unknown said...

Lucky Man! we can't even get fir here in Ohio unless you special order it and I can almost buy walnut for the same price. Can't wait to see what you build out of it. I took down a barn, save most of the white oak and chestnut, gotta love the old stuff.