Wednesday, February 27, 2008

PINERWORKS and the barn

I met with Matt Piner and his associate of Pinerworks in Sacramento, Tuesday to review the barn structure and to see just how to proceed.  They agree the barn is in sad shape.  Matt refers to it as a post and beam barn with very few beams...  Anyhow we have agreed that the critical elements are the exterior structure for historical and overall look.  The interior we have some leeway as to how to proceed to shore up and strengthen the structure with concrete piers and added posts and beams.  Most of these old buildings are getting torn down and used as a source for old growth redwood.  This is great if the structure cannot be saved.  But I firmly believe that the most environmental and correct overall choice is a rescue and return to its former purpose.  
Matt is on board for the most simple method of rescue, which is most cost effective and will do the necessary job.

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