Wednesday, February 13, 2008

barn update.

The city left me a note about my accessory building in the back. To sum it up quickly I read, " tear it down or build it. You have three days to reply".

That will get you moving. First though is that the structure is a barn, nothing less. Second I have always wanted to fix my barn.
Lately I had been harvesting barn wood from Woodland. I love old houses barns cars and now Japanese tools. Anyhow, a few calls to the city and I have a jump on preservation. There just are not too many barns sitting in Sacramento these days. Especially near Land Park Curtis park.

I am sure that a neighbor called to say hey that structure looks old. Make em tear it down. Typical. If i had been more made of money there is no doubt that I would have fixed that structure after I bought the place. There is almost no roof. Four years ago the roof was covered in ivy. It held the roof on. I got rid of it cause I thought it was tearing the structure apart. It likely was BUT it also was keeping the rain out. So up went plastic, then tarp, then another tarp. The weather was bad this year and tarps kept tearing ( I admit after looking at how to put a tarp on for a hurricane I failed miserably) so I let it go. I tore my knee then a few days later was in a car accident. Talk about slow any home projects down to a crawl.

Well the barn looks like it is getting a push.

Lets see how far we get this time.

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