Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Inca 710 band saw with spacer block

I've been a bit sick over the last year which has kept me from doing any significant wood work. But after the long process of tests and treatments given by UCDavis doctors I have come something like full circle.
With good things come sometimes more good things. I found an inca 710 with nearly no use, extension rails new, new additional extension tables ( in original bags) 9 blades new stuff all over. The owner didn't know how any of it really worked except the standard fence I guess. It has the 2" riser block taking resaw capabilities to 10", and which requires 9 ft long blades. I ordered the woodslicer blades from highland hardware that are 3/4". I use the 1/2" woodslicer on my inca 340, and I can make veneers it cuts so nice. Hoping to rearrange a smaller room that houses my laundry and my water heater, which can be used as a workspace for the winter, until I turn it into another bedroom, a new bathroom or an office.
The photos are of me cutting a western red cedar round that was in a pile of oak firewood so I jointed and face then edge and resawed a bit with a crappy blade I had, but even this cut pretty sweet. I'm using the stock rip fence that must be 2" tall on a 9+" thick piece and it cuts surprisingly easy and straight...

I don't have much room at my house for all my incas so I'm looking at what's going to have to go, likely at least a 340, and now I think I can get away with selling the 259 table saw as well.

The 150 table saw I have is so nice and compact that I can use it for model making and kumiko on shoji screens and it is housed in a 10x 12 shed anyhow. But I may part with some accessories in the near future so look out....

Gearing up for a few projects indoors, shoji screens, maybe a few sliding shoji doors, and I'll be learning how to put up American clay walls in December to add to my kitchen and maybe other walls

I also just picked up the iPhone blogger application so I should be able to get some posts up in a more reasonable time these days.

Glad to be back


Ray Rogers said...

Great looking saw. I have a friend who is selling one (with the riser) and I am very close to pulling the trigger.

Let me know if you are happy with your purchase...

Patrik Kahari said...

I did not know the INCA bandsaws could be fitted with a spacer block. Do you have a pic?

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