Friday, August 6, 2010

The fence at Merritt

A long time late, but with everything going on I just have little time to do much and I've been lazy on the Blog. Anyhow, here is a photo of the Merritt Fence on the South side, as we spent most of the day piecing together. We had a few problems...Somehow we had different thickness stringers so when we went to put in them in the mortises that we all the same size... we heard loud cursing.

Thanks to the quickness of a slick and we were back to normal. Notice that the 4x4 on top is set to an angle so that the roof can just be placed upon it and share its angle. Good idea, but a pain to cut mortises in. As van Arsdale says " I did not learn that from a book" so true, and good that we have the ability to both experiment and accept the outcome, and still go with it. The bad part about this section is the garden admin did not like the standard Japanese fence we were making and wanted to "open it up a bit so they could see through it" . We left spaces between the 1x's and I think it does not carry the class the original section holds. Typical admin bad ideas though. But what do we know we are just building it for free......

I only took this picture with my phone. When time allows we hear that there are a ton of photos headed to cjeck it out anyhow if you have yet to.

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