Friday, August 8, 2008

INCA Jointer Table Saw and Band Saw

I ended up buying a 410 inca 8 inch jointer, a 259 table saw with mortiser, and the 310 bandsaw.  The model numbers it seems were given to them by their American distributor and do not match the model numbers on the plate.  For a great source of info try the Yahoo Inca woodworking group 

The tools were in Portland and after securing that the owner would not sell them while I found a pick up to drive to Portland ( over a 1100 mile round trip) I was off .  After driving all afternoon I was able to pick them up when the owner drove a 100 miles to meet me that evening!

As I am still recovering from surgery I have done little work with the tools and have spent most of my time with hand tools.  I will say though that it is a pleasure to work with these tools.  The Inca 259 table saw is small yes, but cuts like butter and as most of what I am working on in the near future ( shoji screens, and small red wood items) is reasonably small and almost always old growth redwood.  Although I am doing mortise and tenon work on the shoji's I doubt Ill be using the mortiser.  However I have seen that people use the drill attachment with a sanding pad and the mortiser and that seems interesting...

As for the Inca 310 band saw I like it, but I had some trouble with the blade adjustment initially.  I need a wider blade to do some re-sawing with as well, but I am happy with the accuracy and size of this little band saw.

As for the Inca 410 Jointer, I already have a 510, but the thought of maybe just using the 510 as a finish jointer made me buy the 410.  I again am happy with this little Inca brute.  The cuts are so nice and clean, and I have to say having a small tool light etc that Ill be able to throw in my 1959 pick up in the future after its restoration will be a great thing.  It may not be for everyone due to its size.  I think if Jim Krenov was able to use a similar jointer, most anyone could do just fine by one.  This jointer also came with the planer attachment, but I may just post it for sale as I now, have two Incas and two Belsaw planer molders.

The picture is of the INCA's after I unloaded them in the back yard.

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Unknown said...

Great Equipment. Mind sharing what you paid for them? Saw the little Inca Planer in Jim Krenov's shop last time I was there. He also used to have a little Inca until he upgraded to a General bandsaw